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Season 9 Now Available!

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Seasons 1 – 9
The Complete Collection
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  • 117 Episodes in all
  • Complete plans for every project
WTVS06 $99
*Individual Seasons $29.95 ea.

Woodsmith Shop DVD season 9 image

The Woodsmith Shop
TV Show!

Season 9 includes:

  • 2 DVDs with all 13 half-hour episodes exactly the way they appeared on national public television
  • Computer CD with all the plans
    mentioned in all episodes, plus
    bonus videos

See Episode List for Season 9

The Woodsmith Shop Season 9
with Free Shipping to the Continental U.S.

WTV09 $29.95

Great News!

Owners of previous Woodsmith Shop DVD collection (seasons 1–8) are
eligible to purchase the Season 9 DVD set for a reduced price of
just $10.

Check your eligibility for the reduced-price season 9 set by entering the exact email address or name and address you used to order the prior 8 seasons.




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