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  • Woodsmith Shop TV Show

Woodsmith is the home of Woodsmith Guild Edition magazine, the ultimate source for clear, detailed, easy-to-follow woodworking project plans anyone can build. Follow along, step-by-step, as you build heirloom furniture that any craftsman would be proud of, plus valuable shop projects.

It's also where you'll find Woodsmith DVDs and books for detailed instructions on building everything from all-time favorite bookcases and shelves, to setting up shop, to unlocking the true potential of your table saw, router, drill press and more!

Woodsmith also brings you Woodsmith Tips delivered free by email each week to sharpen your woodworking skills with helpful tips and techniques you can use immediately, including the best how-to woodworking videos.

And speaking of woodworking video, America's favorite and most widely carried woodworking television show, the Woodsmith Shop, has lots of great online extras and previews on its web site you can access from here. There is also a convenient station locator to find out when and where we're on in your area. You can also own the show on DVD.