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Chippendale Chest

Hardware is an important element of the chest of drawers on page 32. The rosette pulls (H-31) and keyhole escutcheons (H-14) came from Horton Brasses. The nylon stem bumpers were purchased from Rockler (28373).

The profile around the top of the chest was routed with an Amana thumbnail and bead bit (49560). For the paper-backed veneer and contact cement, we turned to

To finish the chest, we used a two-step staining process. This starts with a coat of Old Masters' Dark Mahogany Gel Stain. When that was dry, we sprayed on a coat of lacquer (glossy). Next, a stain mixture made up of 1 cup of Old Masters' Deep Red Rich Mahogany Penetrating Stain and 1 qt. of Dark Mahogany Gel Stain is applied. After this was dry, we applied a couple more coats of lacquer (satin).


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