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Cherry Sideboard

The cherry sideboard featured on page 32 requires a fair amount of hardware, but all of it came from just two sources. Rockler supplied the shelf standards (34017), shelf clips (33852), shelf pins (22765), no-mortise hinges (28696), leg levelers (31210), and magnetic touch latches (28431). The knobs (02W33.22), the drawer slides (02K40.17), and the figure-eight fasteners (13K01.50) were purchased from Lee Valley.

The two sectioned columns used on the front of the sideboard were cut from a single column purchased from Classic Designs by Matthew Burak (507-CXM36.CH). When you order the column, you'll need to specify that you want it split into two halves. (There's an additional splitting fee involved for this.)

We stained the sideboard with a mixture of three parts ZAR Cherry Stain and one part WoodKote Jel'd Cherry Stain.Then after spraying on a sealer coat of lacquer, we added a dark glaze to highlight the details, followed by two more coats of lacquer.


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