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2-in-1 Desk Set

The desk set on page 34 of Woodsmith No. 172 will be the focal point of any desk it sits on. Most of the hardware used in making the project can be purchased at any hardware store.

I ordered the brass sheet (0.09"/ 11 ga. brass 260 H02 Sheet) from Online Metals. After clicking on the link for the brass sheet, just fill out the dimensions on the website.

To shape the brass, I used my scroll saw with a metal-cutting blade. I ordered the blade (MAB#3) online from BG Artforms, whose contact information is below. If you decide to use a jig saw and the table on page 32 instead, you can find metal-cutting blades for jig saws at hardware stores and home centers.

The desk set is also the perfect project to build with a specialty or exotic wood. I used bocote, a tropical hardwood from Central America, that I purchased from the Woodsmith Store.

Your local lumberyard might carry some interesting wood species, or you could contact some online retailers, such as Constantine's, Rockler, or Woodcraft to see what they have in stock.


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