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Curved-Leg End Table

Adding an epoxy inlay is an easy way to turn an ordinary project into a "fine furniture" showpiece. The epoxy I used for the table on page 24 of Woodsmith No. 168 is slow-set epoxy (No. 5174) from Stewart-MacDonald. You can also order rosewood (No. 1858) and ebony (No. 1856) inlay filler from them to add color to your epoxy inlay.

Another good source for epoxy inlay materials is Lee Valley. They carry the epoxy (56Z71.03) and the aniline dye powder used to color it (56Z08.10 for six colors). The dye is also available in individual color packets.

One more thing — it's nice to have syringes on hand for dispensing the epoxy. You can find them at Rockler and Lee Valley.


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