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Home Entertainment Center

All of the hardware for the computer cabinet is available from Rockler and we've listed the part numbers.

TV CABINET. For the doors, you'll need two pairs of 3/8" offset ball tip hinges (#54604), four 11/2"-dia. "bronzed" knobs (#43123), and two magnetic catches (#26559). The upper doors require two sets of 22" heavy-duty flipper door slides (#35580) and two sets of 35mm inset hinges and carrier strips (#35673). We used threaded inserts (#33183) and connector bolts (#31831) to connect the upper and lower cabinets and to hang the shelves inside the upper cabinet. You'll also need 1/4" shelf supports (#33902) and two plastic grommets (#91348) for the case. Heavy-duty lifting levelers (#81239) help keep the cabinet level and plumb. The oak crown molding came from Rockler as well. We purchased one 96" (#43740) and one 48" (#42418) length for the unit.

SIDE CABINETS. The display cabinets use a lot of the same hardware as the TV cabinet. But to connect the side units to the center, you'll need additional connector bolts and some cap nuts (#31815). The side cabinets also need one piece of crown molding 48" long. The glass is slightly "bronzed" double-strength glass we ordered from a local glass shop.

RAIL & STILE BITS. Rail and stile router bit sets, like the one used for both the solid-panel doors and glass-panel doors in the home entertainment center, are available in a variety of classic profiles. We used a "round" profile set from Whiteside Machine Co. with an undersized plywood groove cutter (#6001X). To find a local dealer, you can call the company or visit their website listed at right. Similar bit sets are available from the sources listed in the margin.


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