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Hall Table

The hardware needed to build the hall table doesn't amount to much. You just need a handful of steel table top fasteners and the screws to mount them. If you can't find the table top fasteners locally, they can be ordered from Rockler (#34215) or one of the other sources listed.

VENEER. The beautiful curly maple veneer I used on the table was purchased from Certainly Wood — a company that specializes in cabinet-grade veneers. They were very helpful in supplying the size and quality of veneer that I needed for this project. Their number is listed at right as well as a couple other good sources for veneer.

ROUTER BIT. To make the flared legs for the hall table you'll need a 2" flush trim router bit like the one pictured. This size bit really shouldn't be too hard to find. I used an Amana bit (#47126) that was purchased from the Woodsmith Store. Several of the sources listed at right carry a similar bit that will do the job for you.


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