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Jewelry Chest-on-Chest

There's not much hardware needed for the jewelry chest-on-chest.

BRASS KNOBS. The 3/8" x 3/8" brass knobs are available from Lee Valley (00A39.01), but other sources offer small brass knobs as well.

WALNUT PLYWOOD. If you build this chest out of walnut like I did, you'll need 1/4" walnut plywood for the case backs and drawer bottoms. If you aren't able to find any near you, small pieces of walnut plywood can be ordered through the mail order source below. (All the parts can be cut from a 24" x 24" piece.)

FINISH & LINING. To finish the project, we used a can of orange shellac that should be available at local hardware stores. We lined the drawers with posterboard and adhesive-backed felt.


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