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Desk Clock

There's not much hardware to purchase for the clock on page 20. All you need is a movement and some adhesive-backed felt.

CLOCK MOVEMENT. The movement you'll need is a 31/2"-dia. quartz, "press-in" movement. (Ours has a brass bezel.) This movement should be available at a woodworking store, but if not, there are several sources listed below.

SAW-TOOTH BIT. To create the 3"-dia. opening for the body of the movement, we used a straight bit, a router guide bushing, and a shop-made template. But you can get the job done quicker with a fairly inexpensive Forstner-style bit. Lee Valley currently offers a 3" saw-tooth bit (06J01.48), as in the photo on page 35.

POSTERBOARD & FELT. The only other thing needed for the clock is some posterboard and adhesive-backed felt to line the compartment. Both items may be available at a craft store, but the felt can be purchased from mail order sources.


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