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Outdoor Lanterns

The electrical hardware was the key component to the outdoor lanterns on page 18, so I found all the supplies I needed before building the lanterns.

LIGHT SOCKET. The item that'll be the hardest to find will be the light socket. We purchased ours from Shore Holders. (You can call them at 800-442-6658 or find them on the web at You need to order a single-contact, two-wire bayonet lampholder (part no. 4345-306).

The other supplies will be available locally. The transformer, outdoor cable, wire nuts, nylon bushings (shown in photo on page 35), and Plexiglas can all be found at a local hardware store or home center.

BULB. Your hardware store may not carry automotive bulbs, so you may need to make a trip to an auto supply store. The bulbs you need are 12-volt, single-contact bulbs. We chose 18-watt bulbs (1141) used for turn signals and back-up lights, but for lanterns that are less bright, you can substitute a 7-watt bulb (1155).

Finish information: We used two coats of Watco cedar oil stain and finish on western red cedar.


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