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Keepsake Box

I found much of what was needed for the keepsake box (page 28) with a visit to a local hardware store and a hobby shop (for the posterboard).

MAIL ORDER. I did order a few items by mail. One was the drawer knobs. These came from Lee Valley. The other was the router bit used for the lid profile. It’s a classical ogee bit from Amana (#54134). You can buy Amana bits only through one of their dealers, so visit their website or call them to find a dealer.

VENEER. The veneer I used for the lid panel is a two-ply mahogany crotch veneer that I ordered from Bob Morgan Woodworking Supplies. A two-ply veneer makes a highly figured wood like this easier to work with. The second ply helps keep the wood from wrinkling and buckling. Contact information for each of these companies is shown below.


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