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Bedside Chest

To find the hardware for the bedside chest on page 6, you may want to start with the sources shown below. If you have a woodworking specialty store nearby, you might find most of the items you'll need there.

READY-MADE FEET. If you’d rather not make the bracket feet, you can order ready-made feet like those shown in the photo on page 35. Plus, if you'd like to make the chest from something other than cherry, the feet also come in oak and maple. I ordered mine from Rockler, but they can also be found at Van Dyke's Restorers (see information below).

You'll need to order two pedestal feet — one for each front corner (shown on the left in the photo). The back corners each need a pedestal end (shown on the right in the photo). The pedestal ends are specifically made for the right or left side of a cabinet, so you'll need one of each.

PULLS AND BUMPERS. The brass bail pulls, stem bumpers, and tray knobs are also available from some of the sources listed below.

ROUTER BITS. I used two special bits to form the profiles on the drawers and the base of the chest. One is a Roman ogee bit with a 1/4" radius. The other is an ogee fillet bit with a 1/4" radius. You may be able to find these locally, or they can be ordered from several of the sources below.

PLASTIC LAMINATE. The laminate for the pull-out tray is available at home centers and some hardware stores.


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