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Roll-Around Storage Cart

For the roll-around cart on page 18, the only hardware you’ll need is some screws and a set of casters. The ones I used were a twin wheel caster made of nylon. I chose them because they have a hood over the exposed portion of the wheels which gives them a more finished look.

If you plan on using the top of the cart for a work surface (or just don’t want the kids pushing the cart around), you may want to consider a locking caster. While I used just a regular caster, the same type of caster can be purchased with a built-in brake. This allows you to lock the wheels to keep the cart in place.

You can probably find 2" casters at most home centers, but they are also available from several of the sources listed in the margin.

FINISH. I usually don’t stain cherry. I’ll just wipe on a top coat and then let nature take its course. The color of the wood will deepen naturally as it’s exposed to light. But if you use a different type of wood, you may want to stain it. If so, it’s much easier to stain the drawer runners before you attach them to the case. And remember to mask off surfaces that will be receiving glue.

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