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Formal Hall Table

The hall table on page 6 doesn’t require much hardware. Besides a few screws, the only hardware you’ll need is three bail pulls with mounting bolts. The ones I used are a 2" Hepplewhite style (see photo at right). Mine were ordered from VanDyke’s Restorers (#CH-02299842). Similar pulls can be found from several other of the mail order sources listed.

JIG. The jig needed to cut the tapers on the legs is pretty basic (page 17). The only hardware that may not be readily available is the star knobs used on the hold-downs. These knobs can be purchased from several of the sources listed in the margin.

FINISH. When it came time to apply a finish to the table, I wanted to let the natural beauty of the walnut shine through. Walnut is already very dark, so stain isn’t needed. The dark color needs only a clear finish to enhance it. Two coats of a tung oil varnish provided a nice sheen and some protection for the table top.


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