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Table of Contents

Woodsmith No. 183


Weekend Project

18 / Display Shelf

If you’re looking for a productive way to spend a weekend, building this small display shelf might be the answer. The classic design and straightforward woodworking add up to a great project.

Designer Series Project

22 / Folding Step Stool

Here’s a project that will satisfy the “tinkerer” in you. Using a combination of purchased and shop-made hardware, this sturdy, practical folding step stool goes together in a snap.

Heirloom Project

30 / Machinist's Chest

Patterned after a classic tool chest, this project is the perfect way to show pride in your tools, as well as your craftsmanship. It’s guaranteed to be a treasured heirloom.


From Our Readers

4 / Tips & Techniques

All About

8 / Choosing Drawer Liners

Here’s everything you need to know to select the best drawer liner for your next project.

Tools of the Trade

10 / 7 Essential Layout Tools

An accurate layout starts with the right tools. All it takes is this basic collection.

Woodworking Essentials

12 / Gluing Up Strong Joints

When you follow a few simple guidelines, longlasting glue joints are a sure thing.

Techniques from our Shop

14 / Using Rail & Stile Bits

These handy router bits take the hard work out of building great-looking frame and panel doors.

Tips from our Shop

28 / Shop Notebook

Woodworking Technique

39 / Perfect Finger Joints

With a shop-built jig and a dado blade, you can cut tight-fitting finger joints on the table saw.

Working With Tools

Online Extra
42 / Troubleshooting Your Jointer

We’ll show you how to keep this essential power tool cutting straight and true.

Finishing Room

46 / Using Glazes

Learn how the technique of glazing can enhance the color and appearance of a project.

Details of Craftsmanship

48 / Twin Tenons

When maximum strength is the goal, this time-tested joint can’t be beat.

In The Mailbox

50 / Q & A

Different Types of Tool Steels

Looking Inside

52 / Final Details