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Table of Contents

Woodsmith No. 180


Weekend Project

16 / Hanging Wall Shelves

These easy-to-build shelves attach directly to a wall, freeing up floor space and allowing you to mix and match to fill your needs. Plus, they can be modified to create a handy wine rack.

Designer Series Project

20 / Snack Tray Cabinet

Practicality in disguise is the best way to describe this attractive cabinet. The traditional styling is perfect for any decor, while the handy snack trays it holds make it an “everyday user.”

Heirloom Project

Online Extra
30 / Flat Screen Media Center

Look past the “wow” factor of this impressive project and you find what might be the last media center you’ll ever need. A classic look, bundles of storage, and all the great woodworking you could ask for.


From Our Readers

4 / Tips & Techniques

All About

8 / Cabinet-Grade Plywood

Here’s everything you need to know to make the best use of plywood in your next project.

Jigs and Fixtures

10 / Dust Collection Add-Ons

It’s easier than ever to keep your shop dust free. Take a look at some new handy helpers.

Techniques from our Shop

12 / Perfect Project Parts

We unlock the secret to getting your projects started off on the right foot.

Tips from our Shop

28 / Shop Notebook

Woodworking Technique

42 / Table Saw Cove Molding

Why top off a project with factory-made cove molding when you can make your own?

Working With Tools

44 / Tenons on the Router Table

When you need perfectly smooth, accurate tenons, the router table is your best bet.

Finishing Room

46 / Applying Resin Finishes

We’ll show you how to apply a great-looking and “bullet-proof” epoxy resin finish.

Details of Craftsmanship

48 / Dressing Up a Square Leg

It’s easy to take a plain, square leg blank and turn it into an eye-catching focal point.

In The Mailbox

50 / Q & A

Looking Inside

52 / Final Details