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Table of Contents

Woodsmith No. 179


Weekend Project

16 / Slant-Sided Tote

Here’s an easy-to-build project that still offers a great range of woodworking experiences. You start with some basic joinery, then get to learn a new skill — bent lamination.

Designer Series Project

Online Extra
20 / File Storage Cabinet

Who says that a practical file cabinet can’t also look great? But the classic appearance isn’t all this project has to offer. The challenge of building it will keep you on your toes.

Heirloom Project

30 / Craftsman Library Table

This library table gives you everything you could want in a project. The design is traditional, the woodworking is down-to-earth, and the end result will be a treasured heirloom.


From Our Readers

4 / Tips & Techniques

All About

8 / The Benefits of Secondary Wood

Sometimes, using a less expensive wood can make a project better. We’ll explain how.

Tools of the Trade

10 / Woodworking Drill Bits

Not all drill bits are the same. Here are the best options for clean, accurate holes in wood.

Jigs and Fixtures

12 / Simple Circle-Routing Jigs

You’re guaranteed consistent results with these inexpensive and easy-to-use router jigs.

Techniques from our Shop

14 / Bent Lamination

We’ll show you a great technique for making strong, gracefully curved workpieces.

Tips from our Shop

28 / Shop Notebook

Woodworking Technique

40 / Ripping Thin Strips

All it takes to rip perfect thin strips at the table saw is the right setup and technique.

Working With Tools

42 / Quick Table Saw Tune-Up

Keep your table saw in top-top shape with this simple, seven-step tune-up.

Finishing Room

46 / Using Paste Grain Fillers

When you want a perfectly smooth finish on porous wood, grain filler is the key.

Details of Craftsmanship

48 / Adding Perfect Pulls

Learn the secrets to installing the drawer or door pulls that complement the look of a project.

In The Mailbox

50 / Q & A

Looking Inside

52 / Final Details