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Table of Contents

Woodsmith No. 82


Heirloom Project

6 / Book Stand

The legs are made on a lathe in short, easy-to-turn sections. And the top lies flat or tilts — thanks to a shop-made ratchet system.

Heirloom Project

12 / Square Leg Design

The Book Stand can also be built with square legs. No lathe needed.

Shop Project

13 / Micro-Adjustable Fence

This fence can be made to fit any band saw table. A sliding wedge system allows precise adjustments.

Shop Tips Contest

18 / Cutting Plywood

The results are in for our Shop Tips Contest. The winners: A Circular Saw Edge Guide, T-Square Router Guide, and an A-Frame Support.

Weekend Project

22 / Drafting Cabinet

The front of this cabinet pivots down on steel pins to a comfortable height for drawing.

28 / Notes on Design

What goes into the design of a Woodsmith project? Here’s a look at the evolution of the Drafting Cabinet.


4 / Tips & Techniques

Five great tips. 1) Drilling Out Mortises. 2) Carriage for Bevels. 3) Dimpled Splines. 4) Router Table Push Block. 5) Containers for Mixing.

16 / Shop Notes

1) A Template for Turning Spindles. 2) Band Saw “Drift.” 3) Drilling into the End of Long Stock. 4) Enlarging a Round Tenon. 5) Checking for Square.

20 / Talking Shop

Answers to questions from readers. 1) Avoiding Blotchy Stain. 2) Steamed Cherry. 3) Saw Blade Selection. 4) Tempered Hardboard.

Last Look

32 / Final Details