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Table of Contents

Woodsmith No. 73


Heirloom Project

6 / Steamer Trunk

We built our classic flat-topped trunk from oak plywood and 1/4” bands of solid oak. Then as a finishing touch, we used brass-plated hardware.

Joinery Technique

12 / Splined Miter

The traditional miter joint can be improved by adding a simple hardwood spline. It adds strength, plus helps keep the mitered pieces aligned.

Shop Project

14 / Sliding Cut-Off Table

This shop-made fixture makes cross-cutting plywood or large panels a snap. And the movable stop block makes sure you get accurate results every time.

Heirloom Project

20 / Collector's Cabinet

The biggest challenge in making this cabinet is deciding where to put the dividers. Then the case can be built using two variations of miter and spline.


4 / Tips & Techniques

Nine great tips from fellow woodworkers. 1) Transparent Patterns. 2) Molding Cutter Scraper. 3) Radial Arm Saw Shim. 4) Forstner Bit Guide. 5) Miter Saw Stand. Plus four Quick Tips.

18 / Shop Notes

1) Plywood Cutting Techniques. 2) Clamp Extension Block. 3) Protecting Mitered Edges. 4) Creating Slots.

26 / Tools & Techniques

We offer a few tips on using a hand-held router. Plus let you in on some problems and how to avoid them.

28 / Talking Shop

Table saw blade tilt — left or right? Using a plunge router on the router table. Also, some information on plywood blades.

Shop Tips Contest

30 / Drill Bit Organizers

The results are in for our first tips contest. See what won first and second place for drill bit organizers.

Last Look

32 / Final Details